Autumn Crafting Attempt #1

Autumn has finally hit the UK. I’ve been waiting for it since September, which was dominated by a heatwave, but now it is finally here with all of it’s charms: crisp, cool air, burnt orange leaves, early evenings and stormy nights. I love it. 

The one Autumnal treasure I had completely forgotten about was conkers – you know, horse chestnuts. There is a horse chestnut tree on our route to school, and thanks to it’s spikey-shelled seeds my daughter, too, is enthralled with the season.

We have collected 52 conkers so far, gathering as many as we can find each day on our walk home from school. We get most excited about big or shiny ones, and my daughter has a particular love for the ones with a flat edge. She enjoys watching me open the fresh shells – when we are lucky enough to find them that way.

It struck me though, that those 52 conkers (and counting) are serving absolutely no purpose, sat in a pile in my daughter’s room. She loves them now, but once they lose their shiny appeal and she starts to think about snow rather than falling seeds, they will be obsolete. In an attempt to postpone this sad fact, I have promised her that we will make them into an Autumn themed wreath.

Do I have any of the supplies I need to make a wreath? No.

Do I have any knowledge about making wreaths, or preserving fallen horse chestnuts? Nope.

Do I even know how or where I plan to hang the (potential, as yet unmade) wreath? Not at all, but here we are. 

For a first attempt, made out of cereal box, fake leaves and glitter-glued conkers, it’s not bad. Not Pinterest worthy, but not bad. We fell short of conkers – so we will no doubt be collecting some more on our way back from school tomorrow to finish up this project. Of course, I will share the finished photos.

Despite it not looking anything like the gorgeous varnished conker wreaths I saw on Pinterest, and involving a slightly over-eager child who ended up covered in glue, I’m proud of this little activity. It filled up a lazy Sunday afternoon, and saved me from the beckoning pile of laundry – which is still waiting to be put away! 

What sort of impromptu Autumn crafts do you guys get up to? Do your kids love this time of year, or hate it? Let us know!

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