Autumn Activities With Kids

Having already confessed my love of all things Autumn, I’ve decided to share a list of the things we like to do as it gets colder outside. If you’re stuck for something to do this weekend, or in the upcoming half term, why not try one of these:

  • Autumn walks: providing you and your little ones are wrapped up warm, a walk in the park can be really nice this time of year. You can use this time to talk to your child about the changing seasons, or collect Autumn treasures (like conkers and acorns) all whilst getting some fresh air and exercise!
  • Autumn Crafting: Autumn themed crafts are sure to soak up an hour or two if you aren’t up for battling the weather. Stick leaves (fake or real), paint pine cones or just use lots of Autumn colours to make a picture. Halloween and bonfire night also offer inspiration.
  • Coffee Date: for us parents addicted to coffee, this time of year means limited edition drinks (pumpkin spice latte, anyone?) and there’s no reason you can’t include your kids while you get your fix. Take them to your local coffee shop with you and offer them a hot chocolate and a piece of toast. You can take small table-top activities or books for easily distracted kids, to make this time last a bit longer.
  • Movie night: as the evenings start to draw in (it was dark at  7pm last night!) a movie night can be a great way to relax and keep warm. Make some snacks such as chopped fruit and popcorn, pick a family favourite and grab a blanket on the sofa. I like to have movie nights on Fridays, after baths/showers when we are chilling in our pajamas and fluffy socks!
  • Cook together: my daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. With the cold weather and the comfort food cravings, letting your kids spend an hour cooking with you can make the meal all the more enjoyable – and you’ll be teaching them a life skill! (Always supervise your children in the kitchen, and never let young children use knives or hot equipment!)
  • Read: reading to our children is one of the best things we can do for them. It’s a bonding experience, it can help them learn words (both spoken and written) and it helps to develop their imaginations. Find some Autumn themed books and get comfortable for an hour!
  • Make a bird feeder: this is a pretty simple craft, but could fill up a rainy afternoon. My daughter’s favourite kind is covering a pine cone in peanut butter, then rolling it in birdseed. Hang it in the garden and watch for feathered friends!
  • Nature Watch: Depending on where you live, you could spend a day looking for local critters. We like to watch for hedgehogs, squirrels and in the evening, bats and foxes. Spiders are easy to spot at this time of year, though my daughter isn’t a fan, and in some places there will still be ducks around that you can feed!

    What do you like to do in the Autumn months? Let us know in the comments! 

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