An Off Day…

Today is an off day. Four hours sleep and a flu-like ache preceeding the ever-exhausting school run could be to blame. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been pretty stressed out the past few days, or a hormonal issue of some sort. Perhaps it’s because I agreed to having my daughter’s friend over for tea when I don’t feel overly confident doing that. Perhaps it was that text that conveyed something hurtful – even though it probably wasn’t meant that way.

We all have off days now and then. Sometimes we can pinpoint the exact reason, and sometimes they just hit us out of the blue. I think the worst kind of off days are the ones that should be good days. Like today. 

Our fast-paced modern lifetsyle doesn’t allow for off days. We glorify the late nights and early mornings, the endless to-do lists and the general ‘Hustle’. Off days are the hidden side of this lifestyle; and they are not glamorous.

As a parent, there’s no allowance for off days. Your kids need you to get up and carry on, no matter what the cause is. I can confirm that there is no miracle way to do this; just get some caffeine, throw on your comfiest acceptable clothes (ladies I may or may not be referring to yoga pants) and soldier on through.

Occasionally the opportunity to cry for five minutes in the bathroom while secret eating something cheesy may present itself – and you may take that opportunity, and that is okay

It’s okay to have off days. If you’re having an off day every day then maybe get that checked out – talk to a friend or relative, or see your GP – but the occasional off day happens. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing we can do to stop them. It’s nothing to feel ashamed of. It’s usually not our fault. Maybe it’s just part of the human experience.

Cut yourself some slack the next time you have an off day. Skipping your workout that one day isn’t going to hurt you, and letting the kids watch a mind-numbing cartoon just long enough for you to regain some sanity really isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. All you have to do is get through the off day, and chances are tomorrow will be better. 

Be nice to yourself. 

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