Early Christmas Prep – Stocking Fillers!

I like to start on Christmas shopping early, but there are some obstacles. The first is that I save all year for Christmas, and don’t want to touch the savings until at least mid November, so I won’t go over budget. The second is that I prefer to do my big Christmas shopping last-minute, because I enjoy being surrounded by the freezing cold and the shopping centre Christmas lights. I know, I’m weird. 

So how can I start early if I leave all the big stuff ’til last? Stocking fillers. I start buying little presents in September, filling a big box in my bedroom, which means that come November/December I only have big gifts and food to buy – and less to carry! So here is my early list of stocking filler suggestions, in case you were feeling a little stuck.


  • Chocolate coins (I like to hide these in wrapped presents – they always go down well!)
  • Bubble mix and bubble blowers (have you tried catch-a-bubbles? They don’t pop, so you can hold them in your hand!)
  • Bubble bath (if your child has sensitive skin why not hit Etsy and find a seller of handmade bath goods – they use all natural ingredients and cater to sensitivity)
  • Small cuddly toys
  • Books (you can never have enough books. I recommend The Works for story, activity and colouring books – amazing quality and cheap!)
  • New pens/pencils/crayons
  • Play jewellery


  • Again, bath goodies (see above for sensitive-skin options. Lush is also a great choice if you can afford it)
  • Scented candles 
  • Fluffy socks (okay any socks, but I always get fluffy bed socks)
  • Gift vouchers (I don’t like to give these but if you are really stumped…) 
  • Notebooks/diaries (I buy my best friend a notebook every year – she uses them a lot. And my brother buys me a new diary)
  • Mugs – even better if paired with a hot chocolate sachet. Boots usually sell mugs with tea, coffee or hot chocolate kits.


    • Headphones or chargers (men like wires, right?)
    • Socks
    • Man-smell products (I believe this encompasses aftershave and body products?)
    • Small items that relate to his thing – no not that thing – for example: golf balls, a lighter, car accessories or techy whatnots. Something that relates to his man-hobby.
    • Gift cards – again I hate giving these, but for men it sometimes works best. They are really hard to shop for.

      Lastly I’d suggest buying ‘spare’ gifts now, for those people that turn up last minute when you weren’t expecting them. Stock up on boxes of chocolates or other ‘universal’ gifts to save you a Christmas Eve panic when Aunt Josie announces her surprise visit! 

      What do you like to do early for Christmas? Is there anything you would add to the list? Let us know! 

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