Self Care Products as Gifts

I know, I know, I’m like a stuck record – but self care is so important! As I’ve mentioned before, you most definitely do not need any expensive products to practice good self care, but today I wanted to share some with you for a different reason: the holidays are coming. 

Now self care is a very personal thing, but a little nudge towards it never hurt. I have one friend in particular who I always try to gift something indulgent or positive-vibey to, because I know she needs that boost. So I got to thinking, self care gifts at Christmas might be a really nice thing to do – and maybe by January your whole family will be taking a little more time to feel good about themselves! What could be a better gift? 

I’ve rounded up a few examples, but have to say before I share them that I am not affiliated or sponsored in any way with any of these brands. To be perfectly honest, most of them don’t even know that I will be featuring them here; these are items I have come across in my own time while browsing for gifts and I sincerely hope the owners of these businesses don’t mind me mentioning them. If you are the original creator of the content I am about to share, and would like me to remove it, please contact me via the blog and I will do so immediately. 

Who doesn’t want this for Christmas?? I want this for Christmas!

I do a lot of my skin care shopping on Etsy, as I find the handmade options much more enjoyable than what’s on the shelves in the big stores. SqueakyCleanSkinCare is one of my favourite Etsy Shops, featuring a plethora of natural, handmade goodies for your bath. The products are gorgeous, the packaging is gift-ready and the customer service is impeccable. You can head on over to the shop here.

The Itty Bitty Inspiration Box – AKA the perfect Christmas Gift!

Next up we have the Itty Bitty Book Company – who make positivity and inspiration colourful and pocket-sized, so that you can take it with you wherever you may need it! I have had my eye on their book collections for months, and will be purchasing more than one set to gift at Christmas (and maybe one to keep, cause… Who doesn’t need these?). Once again handmade beats the high street with perfect products, packaging and customer service. I’d like to add that the prices of their products are very reasonable – you’d pay a lot more for something less impressive in-store. You can find some positivity here.

I feel happy just knowing this one exists!

Here we have the Positive Planets zine from HeartandHandsStore – you guessed it, Etsy again! – here to remind you that it is okay and help you remain positive. With such adorable illustration, kind words and calming colours, this one is made for a self-care box. What a great way to ground yourself in the midst of a bad day! I know exactly who I will be gifting this to this year, and if you’d like one for yourself or someone close to you, you can get one here.
I stand by my assertion that handmade products sometimes outrank high-street buys, because whenever I have bought from a handmade seller I have always received a very personal item and amazing customer service. However, if Etsy’s just not for you, you can always hit the high street and put together your own self care themed gift. Here are some ideas of what to add:

  • Cozy socks – because how can you not relax when you put fluffy socks on?
  • Bath salt – I buy Westlab’s Dead Sea Salt in 1kg bags from Superdrug, then decant into pretty jars or bottles. Epsom salts are good too!
  • Skincare – from face masks to moisturiser, recieving something indulgent for our skin is a great opportunity to take a time out and pay attention to our bodies.
  • Books – feel good books, colouring books, a new blank journal or a book on mindfulness. Books are a great way to forget the world for a little while. 
  • Scented candles – you all know how much I love Yankee, but there are hundreds of other (cheaper) brands out there that do the job just as well. Maybe pair a candle with a book or some bath goodies? 
  • Blanket – every year I knit blankets for people. I’m not saying you need to take up knitting, but blankets aren’t just for babies – curling up under a chunky throw with a hot drink is a really nice way to unwind.
  • Tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate, or a new mug) – if you know what the receiver drinks then go for that. If not, a new mug or some fruit tea samples are an option. I find hot drinks to be calming – and chamomile tea is great for drifting off! Taylors of Harrogate make spiced apple tea bags which I love to indulge in around Christmas time.

Mix and match some of the above ideas to create a self care themed box or basket, and finish it off with a hand-written sentiment. There’s no nicer gift than knowing that someone close to you really cares about you, and wants you to take care of yourself. 

Do you have a favourite self-care product? Let us know! 

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