Monday is Coming!

Yes, you heard me, Monday is coming! You already knew that, but you may be curled up on the sofa in your onesie, pretending like it’s not true…

Sunday heralds the most hated day of the week every week, but after a half term break I feel like Monday’s approach is more stressful than usual. I have spent the day putting the house back together, after a half term full of fun and laundry-aversion. I have asked and begged and nagged the child to please, please find her cardigan, all the while trying to figure out why she doesn’t own even one pair of matching socks; how and why does that happen??

Book bags need to be found and gone through (cue a letter about half-term homework crumpled into a tiny ball in the back pocket, that I didn’t know about until now), lunch boxes will be packed this evening (where the #@*! has all the tupperware gone?!) and the kids will be chivvied to bed 15 minutes early in the hope of avoiding a back-to-school fueled tantrum.

I could (and probably should) have been more organised and gotten some of this sorted sooner, however I needed the half term break just as much as Sprog did, and amid all our fun I completely forgot that Monday was looming. I would like to spend some time this evening in a nice, clean house, with a bathed, chilled kid, hopefully having one last half-term-hot-chocolate and maybe even watching a movie…

That’s probably not going to happen because I keep finding yet more things that I hadn’t noticed, that need attention now. Some humorous examples, to ease your Sunday night blues:

  • Why is there a marshmallow smushed into the rug? When did Sprog even have marshmallows? Where did it come from and how do I get it out?
  • Sock graveyard discovered under the small one’s bed.
  • What do you mean, you’ve lost your reading book?? How?!
  • Bathroom now inhabited by rather large wolf spider; must remove immediately, or risk Sprog peeing on the floor.
  • Still can’t find any tupperware.
  • The cat now has play doh stuck to her ear… Once again, how, why and what do I do about it??
  • Why have you thrown your CLEAN uniform on the floor? No it is NOT a doll bed! 
  • The lightbulb in the front room has gone and I don’t think we have a replacement…
  • If I need to go buy a lightbulb we should go now before the shop shuts. I should also buy wine. 
  • Yes I am very glad you found it, but WHY was your cardigan inside your bean bag in the first place?
  • And my favourite – the argument that will last all day and undoubtedly cause tears at bedtime – No you can not stay up all night to see if the neighbours set off more fireworks. It’s not even bonfire night!

Here’s hoping your Sunday evening is less stressful, or at least as amusing! 

5 thoughts on “Monday is Coming!

  1. Lucy At Home says:

    Hehe sounds like Sunday night in our house! I’ve still to locate a pair of matching socks for tomorrow despite having routed through all the drawers and the pile of clean washing…

    Liked by 1 person

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