An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Mr Trump,

I should probably start by congratulating you on your new role as President of the United States; that would be polite. I’m not going to do that. I’m not an American citizen, so I expect to receive a few messages telling me that your position is none of my business and I should keep my nose out. Let me explain why it is my business.

You must have some shred of intelligence in you somewhere to have succeeded thus far in life. I refuse to believe that you are as oblivious as you make out, because if you were I think natural selection would have done it’s job many years ago. What you lack, and this is the problem, is dignity, empathy and respect. I’m not just talking about the way you have spoken about women – although that was where you hit a raw nerve with me; justifying and implicitly allowing the abuse of females, abuse that I have suffered, that I have watched my daughter suffer, but I digress – I’m talking about the manner in which you have systemically ridiculed and degraded humans. All humans. Men, women and children.

You see, the awesome thing about humanity is that we are all different. Black, brown, white. Gay, straight, trans. Male, female, young, old, rich, poor. Some of us have four limbs and some don’t. Some of us see the letter F as green every time it is written, even when it’s in black pen. There isn’t a single person on the planet who is identical to me or you, and yet we are all human. We are all worthy of love, of respect, of dignity. You threaten that, and in doing so you suddenly remind me and countless other victims across not just America but the whole world. Notice how I said victims, not women? 

You remind me of my ex partner, choking me so that he could rape me while his friends laughed and did nothing. You remind me of the man who slept in my bed knowing that he had been sexually abusing my four year old daughter – because he thought her worth was less than that of an adult. Because he thought he was entitled. You remind women (as well as men and child sexual abuse survivors) of sexual assaults that they have experienced and you laugh about it. You remind gay people and trans people of hate crimes that have destroyed their lives, their faith in humanity and their communities. You remind people of different races and religions that “white people just aren’t tolerant, they think they are better than everyone else” even though we aren’t all like you. You make less abled people angry, and you strip less abled children of their confidence.

So your place as president is my business. The millions of people recoiling in horror at your win are everybody’s business. I really want to believe that somewhere, deep in your warped and inflated sense of self, you ran because you believe you can better America. I want to believe that you believe you will help people. But I am here to tell you that your morals and the way you have gone about your campaign, your lack of respect for your fellow humans, is wrong. 

It will not be tolerated, because you see, your new job title does not give you that kind of power. You do not have the power to “do whatever you want” to women. We will not let you. You do not have the power to tell people who they can and cannot fall in love with. You do not have the power to tell people what they can or cannot identify as. You do not have the right to decide who is good enough to live in your domain based on the colour of their skin or their country of origin.

As a businessman I think you should already know this. The front of house staff run your hotel; not you. If they consistently underperform, your hotel is failing. If your people are unhappy, your presidency is failing. This is not a game, Mr Trump. You won the race, and now you owe it to America to stop being such a childish, rude, pompous, horrible man, and to look after your country. None of us are happy that you won, but short of being able to go back and change the results we will have to deal with it.

My heart goes out not just to the women, not just to the children, but to everybody in America right now. Be you black, white, young, old, bi, trans, pink or green: I am sorry that this man tried to strip you of your dignity. I am sorry that you are afraid right now. I would like to help.

Sincerely, A Concerned Brit.

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