We’re Going On A Date!

Yes, you read the title correctly, The Boyfriend and I have chosen a day to go out, together, and have some enjoyable adult-only time! Just the two of us! 

I understand that seeing as he is already my boyfriend I shouldn’t be jumping up and down squealing like a school girl going out with her crush, but what with my daughter in the mix and his insane work schedule, this may be some of the only ‘alone-together’ time we get this year. I am very excited.

So where will we go? The Christmas Markets of course! Thus far it appears that The Boyfriend is just as childlike about Christmas as I am, which means logically being out in the city in the December cold, surrounded by twinkly lights and Christmas music should be a magical outing for both of us. I can’t wait to gauge his reaction to an outfit that doesn’t have Sprog’s breakfast smeared on it!

Of course, I felt selfish and guilty about planning something so magical that didn’t involve Sprog. She will be at school on the day, which is the only reason I’m free to go. To make up for it, I have arranged something just as magical for her later in December: a trip out to a shopping centre full of toys and Christmas lights, where she will get to pick some of the things for her Christmas eve box. Because Mum Guilt is real.

In the meantime I will stare longingly at the reservation in my diary. The 5th of December may become a special date for us. 

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