Christmas Eve Traditions

I love hearing about how people celebrate Christmas; everyone does something different, and each tradition is magical.

Along with the mandatory chocolate calendar, we have a Christmas Eve tradition – one that is growing ever more popular. My Mum always did it for my brother and I, and now I do it with Sprog: the Christmas Eve Box.

You may have heard about the Christmas Eve Box through social media. It is typically a special box or wrapped present that the children are allowed to open on Christmas Eve. Ours always consists of new pyjamas, slippers, a bath product, hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. 

On Christmas Eve I clean the whole house, ready for photos and visitors the next day, and change the beds. We each have a bath with our special bath products, and then put our new pyjamas and slippers on. We watch the Christmas Movie, drinking hot chocolate, sometimes easting popcorn, and that way Sprog has had a chance to wind down for bed. Of course, the excitement still sets in at bedtime, but what could be better than sleeping in new pyjamas and clean sheets?

I’ve seen the Christmas Eve box growing more popular the past few years, and I’m glad. It always goes down really well. So if you’d like to join in the tradition, here are some ideas:

  • You could make an individual Christmas Eve Box for each child in your home, or one for all the family if there’s a lot of you
  • It doesn’t have to be a ‘box’ per se, it could be a wrapped present. Just be sure not to use the same wrapping paper as Father Christmas! Alternatively, a lot of handmade sellers are offering hand-painted and personalised Christmas Eve boxes.
  • Include new pyjamas, slippers, or a dressing gown – or all three! Buy them a little bigger than necessary so as to get plenty of use out of them.
  • Include hot chocolate, or a Christmassy snack, which you could indulge in whilst watching a Christmassy film
  • If you aren’t big on screen time or can’t find a film that suits everyone, you could play a board game together instead, or include a Christmas themed book to read to the kids
  • The Christmas Eve box is best executed in the evening, just before bath/bedtime routines. It helps kids to calm down and remember that they have to go to bed for Father Christmas to come. Opening it in the morning can lead to them completely forgetting about the new pjs etc, and begging to open another present by bedtime.

What do you do on Christmas Eve? Do you have a different tradition, or put something different in your box? Let us know! 

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