Advent Socks

Advent calendars are a regular occurence for many households in December. As soon as Halloween is over, they line the shelves of supermarkets and most chain stores, ready to anticipate Christmas.

I don’t partake in the chocolate advent calendars, because I don’t like chocolate, but I know many adults who still have one every year. This year a few people suggested that I get one of the ‘unconventional’ advent calendars; the first time I saw these was last year, but they are becoming increasingly popular for teens and adults. Calendars containing make up, bath products and accessories have been brought to my attention, though I haven’t purchased one this year.

If I were to buy an advent calendar with something other than chocolate in, I could guarantee that my daughter would want one too. Of course, swapping out chocolate wouldn’t be an issue; I’ve been made aware that there are some available with books or toys. However, giving my daughter little presents (essentially) every day up until Christmas would throw the whole season into question. I am trying to teach her the importance of giving, and a countdown of toys would surely nullify that message. I felt a little sad as I picked up her usual chocolate calendar; the ‘unconventional’ ones look so much fun.

Then, five days into advent, we were gifted the perfect solution; Advent Socks. 

So in conclusion, Sprog was very excited to see the advent socks strung up across our mantle; partially because she loves advent treats and partially because she is forever losing socks! Thus far she has been more excited about the socks than the chocolate calendar. I would love to continue (and even have my own) advent socks in years to come! 

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