“I’m So OCD about…”

I hate to tell you this, but if the title of this post is something you regularly say, stop being a twat. It’s really frustrating as someone with OCD to hear you say that. And why is it always about cleaning?? 

“Oh I’m so OCD about my kitchen,” “Oh yeah I’m like that about arranging my living room” – just stop. 

I clean “excessively” according to my Dad, my brother, The Boyfriend, my therapist and a Judge. However, that is not what got me a diagnosis of OCD. Because it isn’t OCD. It’s just excessive cleaning, because that’s the way I like to clean. I am neither obsessed with it, nor do I get compulsive thoughts about it. I just like a clean environment. Okay?

My OCD actually has to do with checking. Checking that the front door is locked, then checking again ten minutes later. Checking that windows are shut, even though they haven’t been opened today. Checking that lights, plugs and appliances are switched off and cool to the touch. Checking on loved ones. Obsessively. As in, all the time. 

It’s not cool. Believe me, as I write this I do not want to get out of bed at 23.43pm to check the front door again. But I will. Because if I don’t then I will lie here struggling to breathe through the rising panic that will set in, based upon the intrusive thoughts about what might happen if I don’t go and check that door.

I don’t want to get all uppity about how people are downplaying OCD by using it as a phrase, but they are. It isn’t even gramatically correct, “I’m so Obsessive Compulsive Disorder about cleaning my kitchen”, I mean come on people! The same way people will say “Oh my God I’m having a panic attack!” when they clearly aren’t, they were just a little shocked by the latest gossip. The only time I even acknowledge my OCD is if I am with, for example, my Dad, and I have to complete an action. At which point my Dad will say “OCD” and I will nod, to confirm that that is in fact why I am touching the hob in his kitchen.

So I’m not going to write a lecture. Just… Try not to say it. Okay? 

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