Chopin and Coat Hangers

I should preface this post by informing you all that I am learning to play the piano. I have wanted to learn for years, but only started six months ago. 

The Boyfriend also plays piano. He learned as a child, and I was thoroughly impressed when I discovered this. It didn’t prepare me for his response over dinner tonight. We were trying to name a classical tune that had just played. He mentioned Beethoven. I asked if he had ever heard of Chopin. Now, most people have never heard of Chopin. I expected him to have no idea. Instead he immediately responded, “I love Chopin.”

I was gobsmacked. I too, love Chopin. It’s not the first time this has happened, but every time it surprises me. The more obscure the thing in question, the better. At this point we are both amazed at the amount of things we never knew we had in common. So far the only thing we disagree on is how to cook a steak – and really, that’s personal preference! 

Last week we went on a date to the Christmas Markets, where we wandered around plenty of shops. We were walking through Next when The Boyfriend asked, “If we ever live together, can we have only matching hangers? I know it’s a weird thing to ask but having odd ones really bothers me.” I nearly keeled over laughing. I showed him, when we got back to mine, how all of my clothes are hung on identical hangers. It appears that our pet peeves are the same too!

So now, as I type this whilst folding washing (to hang, on my matching hangers!) I can’t help but smile and think of him. I never knew that two people could be so in sync; I thought that being in a relationship with somebody meant learning to accept (and maybe even put up with) differences. 

Of course, I know that at some point we will disagree. I’m sure that one day we will disagree so much that we will argue, but in the meantime I’m really enjoying this period of finding out what we have in common. He really is pretty amazing, and he makes me feel pretty good about myself too. From now on, Chopin and coat hangers will always make me smile!

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