The Doldrums of Sunday

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sunday is my least favourite day of the week. Worse even than Monday, because Sunday is it’s precursor. 

I have a strict Sunday routine; mainly because if I didn’t I would spend the whole day ruminating on the week passed and the week to come, and I would be miserable. I start my day by cleaning the whole house. Obviously I clean during the week too, but doing everything on Sunday keeps me busy and means that there are no stressors (such as toys underfoot) on Monday morning. By lunch time everything is clean and tidy, and as I make my daughter’s lunch the seven hours until bedtime stretch out in front of me.

Usually we will double check any homework that may be due in, pack lunch for school and make sure everything is accounted for (book bag, shoes, etc). After that we have “free time” where we can bake, sit and watch a movie or whatever else takes our fancy. We always, always have a pasta dish for tea on Sunday, meaning I just have one pyrex dish and two bowls to wash up, and we are full of cheesy comforty pasta goodness before bed. Then Sprog has a shower and after around an hour of nagging, she goes to bed. I, on the other hand, usually end up showering and lying awake for hours, dreading the start of the week.

The problem specifically with this Sunday is that in a week’s time it will be Christmas Day. I need the house to be immaculate as we have family coming to stay. I need to get presents wrapped and hidden. I also need a break. As the holiday draws closer I find myself double and triple checking my diary, calendar and lists, desperate to get everything done in time. I’ve started to loathe my daughter’s school as I realise she will have but one measly day off before Christmas. I fantasize about keeping her off sick for the last week.

The school’s Christmas party is on Tuesday, but after that I see no reason for them to keep the kids in. They won’t be doing proper work – probably Christmas colouring – and even if they tried to enforce lessons as usual, the children will be far too excited to retain any information. The build up to Christmas is just as exciting as the main event, and I really wanted to make some festive memories with my daughter this year.

So this Sunday I will not stick to my routine. Monday morning surrounded by crusty pots and foot-threatening legos is a small price to pay, if it means that on Sunday we can cram in as much Christmas as possible. We will bake, mould chocolates and write cards. We will hand deliver them to friends and neighbours. We will go for a walk and spot Christmas lights and so help me god we will watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate, even if it means bedtime is pushed later. The memories are more important than the cleaning.

Here’s hoping that today is an enjoyable Sunday – for a change. What do you do on Sundays? 

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