Breaking the News

This morning The Boyfriend and I told Sprog about our relationship status. It was a little impromptu and the words were a bit hard to get out, as I had wanted to tell her yesterday, but a scheduling error threw us off. Still, it needed to be said.

She offered me the perfect opportunity whilst we were all sitting in the living room: 

Sprog “I like it when (The Boyfriend) visits us.”

Me “Well actually I wanted to talk to you about that. You see… Me and (The Boyfriend) have been talking a lot lately, and we decided that we would like to be together.”

Sprog “You mean like, you want to live together?”

Me “No, we won’t be living together. It’s just that when two grown ups like each other…” at this point I panicked and fumbled for words; struggling to remember which of the many ways of phrasing it would be easiest for her to process.

The Boyfriend “We won’t be living together. I will be Mummy’s Boyfriend and she will be my Girlfriend. That’s all.” cool and collected as always.

Sprog “… AWESOME!”

I think we all collectively let out a breath at that point. Sprog bounced around a little, excited by the news, and asked a few questions about whether this means The Boyfriend is a part of our family. Since then, she hasn’t even mentioned it. Not once. She has been content all day to go about her business, and if anything, she has been better behaved than usual.

I can’t believe it took so much effort for me to just tell her, and I feel so much better now that I have. No more sneaking around, no more lying to her about why I would be seeing him. Everything seems much less tense now that it is out in the open – and Sprog hasn’t been upset by the news at all. 

And breathe. 😁

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