Childcare: The Continued Dilemma

As some of my regular readers may know, I have no childcare in place. I’ve never used a childminder or a sitter. I don’t have the option of leaving Sprog with my parents. I’ve just started a new job.

So of course, as expected, the dilemma of childcare has come up again. It was already a bit of a nagging background thought after I had to offer The Boyfriend an IOU for a meal out to celebrate his birthday, but now it’s getting more urgent. Since helping the boyfriend open his business, we have been invited to two large networking events. It’s a privilege to be invited, and making good connections at said events could be the difference between the business taking off or scraping by in it’s first year. Being in charge of marketing (and having been promised a complimentary glass of wine), I really do want to attend. I’d go as far as to say I am excited!

However, both events are scheduled in the evening. As soon as we saw the times on the invitations, our celebratory smiles dropped. We looked at each other, almost in horror, as we realised that there was no way that I could attend.

I’ve asked around to see if any of my parent-friends use a sitter, because at least that way I’d have a recommendation, but nobody does. Most people seem to have a family member they rely on for evening child minding. I’ve been directed many times to sites offering up profiles of childminders and babysitters who are in my area, but it just doesn’t feel right. Picking a name off a list based off a tiny bit of information and some star ratings feels more like buying a secondhand shirt off eBay than hiring a professional to watch my child, in my home, for an evening. Even The Boyfriend said he wouldn’t leave the car with someone based on that information, let alone a child.

The other thing driving me insane is how all the websites boast that their members (potential minders of my child) have all undergone a CRB check. A CRB check doesn’t make me feel any more confident than a receipt from the local supermarket, and here’s why: X had a CRB check, and he abused my daughter for months. So don’t tell me that piece of paper is supposed to make me feel safe; it doesn’t. 

So where does this leave me when it comes to childcare? Well… Up sh*t creek without a paddle, as far as I can tell. My plan is to keep investigating, to find out how people arrange these things, and what is available, and then to update you all as I make decisions. 

How do you feel about childcare? Is there enough out there? Is it difficult for you to pick a professional? Let us know! 

Hopefully I find something suitable before the networking events! Wish me luck! 

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