Sprog Turns Six!

That’s right – Sprog is six years old now! Woohoo! Where did the time go?

After a month of fretting about overrun package parties and what to buy a six year old, I somehow managed to pull the day of without a hitch. I talked Sprog out of a party, something my nerves and finances just won’t allow right now, in lieu of a shopping trip where she could pick her own main birthday present.

Of course, the one day of the year I was waiting to be woken at stupid in the morning, it didn’t happen. Sprog stayed in her room playing quietly. She passed me in the kitchen whilst making a run to the loo, only to then head straight back to her room to play! Turns out she had forgotten it was her birthday. At 8am I just couldn’t wait any longer, and fetched her for birthday breakfast.

She got to see The Boyfriend in the morning too, which was nice. She’s seen very little of him since we started working, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but she was really happy that he carved out some time to say happy birthday to her. She opened all of her presents and actually seemed impressed with them, despite the fact that none of them were toys – I bought her pyjamas and bath goodies and the like this year, in an attempt to stem her gimme gimme attitude.

By mid morning we were heading out on the bus – which is always fun – to the toy shop! We struck very lucky when we arrived to find that they were having a large sale, and Sprog left with five (yes FIVE) new playsets, for the price of two. I’m hoping that since she paid for them with her “birthday money” (money which I would otherwise have spent on a party) she will look after them a bit more than if they were just given to her.

We had a cheeky McDonalds, complete with a purple balloon, and then headed back to Grandad’s house to play with the new toys. For tea there was pizza and cake – and wine for the grown ups, which was much appreciated after the excitement of the day – and for once there was no trouble at bedtime. 

I’m really very proud of how well the whole day went. I feel like we both would have been much less satisfied if we had gone with the party option, as Sprog would have gotten less presents and I would have been burnt out by tea time. It’s difficult to accept that she is six now; they really do grow up too fast. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing her change this year, and seeing her grow even more confident and capable. 

5 thoughts on “Sprog Turns Six!

  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

    Awww bless. Happy birthday Sprog!
    You’re a good mom. I love reading your stories.
    My eldest turns 6 later this year. They are so grown up. X


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