Giant Animals and Small Businesses

You remember my post on “Giant Animals and Absolutes“, right? Well I’m about to share with you the second chapter: Giant Animals and Small Businesses.

Things have been so great the past few weeks. Sprog has had a few hiccups at school, but what child doesn’t? She had a lovely Birthday, her behaviour is good overall lately and she seems pretty happy and healthy – which is all I really want. I’ve been toddling off to work after the school run every day and thoroughly enjoying myself; I’m now actioning skills that I learned years ago and never really used, and that feels wonderful.

The only problem came yesterday morning, when The Boyfriend mentioned the expenses due for the business. They’re kind of big expenses… And we’re kind of a tiny business in it’s first month. So as you can imagine, we were both pretty stressed. 

We spent a few hours sat in silence at our respective desks, frantically networking, searching and reading. Trying to figure out what we could do to bring in a month’s worth of business in three days. It was intense. We’re both sleep deprived, skint, hungry and exhausted. We both keep acknowledging that we need some time out – because you can’t pour from an empty cup – but we don’t take any because we are driven as all hell and this business is our baby.

Three days passed in roughly the same fashion; lots of silent work, cursing and yawning, the occasional hug and attempted reassurance. At one point we did end up sat on the floor in the back room, holding hands and laughing hysterically at the state of each other. Perhaps we were so tired it made us delirious.

Here’s the thing though: we made it through. Three high-pressure days, condemned under the threat of losing the shop, the car and our respective savings. Waiting with baited breath. Business is no place for the faint of heart, but the only thing harder than holding yourself together during a tense time is holding someone else up. Yet somehow, we wound up closer, and stronger, and we thrived not just as individuals but as a couple, a unit, under the pressure.

On the fourth day, we had made more than half of our expenses. I procured the rest from savings, knowing that bringing in that amount in only a month shows promise for the business. We’re in too deep to turn back. At this point, it’s all or nothing! 

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